Return of the Tarrenig Rally

Going racing ? or trying your hand at enduro's, then let us all know how you got on or whats involved.
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Re: Return of the Tarrenig Rally

Post by Gwyn » 15 Jun 2009, 16:39

Davey Munroe wrote:Hi all

Well, I'm pissed off about the rally, blinding event and at great course, However, just after the first test( on the second lap), I came off hard on the deep rutted down hill bit. KTM Rick rode my bike back up the hill and then I sat with it waiting for help - and hoping that my collar bone wasn.t broken. Cutting a long story short - Aberystwth A&E determined that it wasn.t broken, but I'd damaged my shoulder and it would probably take a while (and physio) to repair. So my shoulders still knackered but - Who's up for the Ryedale then? -
Great day regardless, definately one of the best courses IMHO.
Sorry to hear that Davey :cry: , get well soon mate.
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