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spot for carrying tyre levers

Posted: 14 May 2016, 03:48
by Hario
Was scratching my head yesterday trying to find a spot to stash my tyre levers out of the way (they are too long for my tool pouch), i found this solution so i thought i would share:


there is decent clearance between the seat pan and petrol tank there, so no need to poke them in so far they are hard to get out, if it makes a difference this is a mk3

Re: spot for carrying tyre levers

Posted: 14 May 2016, 09:15
by fallenmikethebike
I use a set of the flat short levers, with a bit of tube flattened on one end to fit over the lever, this allows for extra initial leverage. I really cheap [ thin ] tube folded flat and all stashed in a waterproof pencil case. This can then be lashed to the front mudguard with some sections of rubber band cut from a ruined old inner tube and some "S " shape clips fashioned from some strong metal rod of say 3mm thickness.
You can even get a repair kit in there as well.