Cleaning your hands the cheapskate way

Got a top tip to keep your CRM or other bike in top condition, or have a solution you wish to share with everyone ?? Get em posted here please
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Re: Cleaning your hands the cheapskate way

Post by back off road » 29 May 2011, 03:31

i get free latex gloves from work they are ok till you try n do owt then they rip oily hands ,a spray of wd40 a good rub then wash with fairy liquid (other liquids are available )
Im thinking about a bike with more valves than a powervalve

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Post by col1n1234 » 18 Apr 2012, 22:46

sevenfourate wrote:Bargos,
Always been a fairy liquid and washing powder man myself :) Has the added bonus of a really nice smell.AND it means that you dont leave greasy fingermarks on the salt / sugar bowl,which ive noticed never goes down well with the missus..............

Saying that.What does ever go down well regarding bikes with the missus?
washing liquid and powder for me too, and if you have a cut you have not noticed, this method will find it for you :O)

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Re: Cleaning your hands the cheapskate way

Post by fallenmikethebike » 19 Apr 2012, 17:22

Gloves are the ultimate method, but sometimes the finicky jobs make their use less desirable.
Drag your finger nails along a bar of soap before starting work.
Barrier creams are highly recommended also prior to starting work.
I strongly advocate not using most of the very aggressive methods I've seen posted on this thread, there is a very real chance you will end up with dermatitis, and that's truly an unpleasant condition.

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