Newbie Need some information

If a new member, introduce yourselves here, maybe even a pic of your bike.
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Newbie Need some information

Post by Theo95 » 11 Nov 2018, 21:16

Hello my name is theo, i’m French ( so sorry for my English) but I live near Brighton since few months I’m actually looking to finish my motorbike licence here.

I was looking for dual sport bike but complicate to find the good one ... too heavy, too powerful for a young license, too expensive, ... and I discover the crm... this model doesn’t exist in France that’s why...

So I need some few information !

How many miles before to rebuild the top end of the motors ? It’s for nice trail riding nothing hardcore and i’m Quite lightweight

What is the fuel consumption on it ? I guess the ar use less fuel than the other ? But less reliability ?

So for my utility the mk3 will be the best ?

Is it possible to adapt a cr tank ? It’s for put a big capacity tank, for do some raid adventure ( nothing hardcore too)

I guess it have à key contact on it ?

In reliability could you compare this to a drz400 or xr400 ?

I’m able to do some mechanics but I prefer to ride if you know what I mean ;)

So it’s for long trip so I can’t blow the engine on a middle of a trip

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