Crm 250 parts for sale

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Crm 250 parts for sale

Post by 777amia » 23 Aug 2021, 14:17

Prices include postage

Black zinc Shock guards screws (new) £4
Clear tail light lens mk3/AR (new) £23.50
Mk3 and AR power valve cables (frayed) £15
NTN (as oem) engine clutch actuator bearings x2, 12×16×10 £15
Original horn (not AR) £12
Genuine honda speedo cable (1k km old, as new) £16
AR Throttle cables, open and close (new inners) £55
AR radiators £70
AR maybe Mk3 Original reg/rec £45
Riders Footrest Springs (as new) £16
Rear brake pedal springs (excellent condition) £14
Replated rear axle £23.50
Original AR Expansion Chamber (exhaust) £125
Original AR Twist and grip housing £30
Twist grip (not AR) damaged tube, usable £11
Rear linkage bearings (front and centre, OE spec, genuine Kawasaki) 17×24×25 £16
Cooling hose clamps, carb and Rad hoses (genuine honda, as new) £20
Tool box £30
Rear footpegs (passenger) £60
Mk3/AR Rear shock guard (white) £28

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